A new Superhero is here!
The Adventures Of The Sickler shares the story of a young boy battling with Sickle Cell Disease but instead of suffering, the 11-year old main character turns the pain from the illness into super powers. The book takes readers on a fun ride, the story is motivating and inspirational.

Here is my story!

The Adventures Of The Sickler: The Transformation (Paperback)


In The Adventures Of The Sickler the main character, Chase Parker, displays how strong and fearless he is while battling a life threatening disease. Readers will take a fast ride as Chase Parker transforms into a superhero, his alter-ego, and brightens the day for all sick children in the hospital.

The Adventures Of The Sickler: The Battle of Two Evils (Paperback)


Chase Parker is back, he’s now a teenager battling societal concerns in High School and perhaps the worst villain in the world

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